Fun Facts About Human Knowledge

Description of Human Knowledge


Knowledge in human beings is founded on an instinctive belief often referred to as common sense. This belief leads humans to believing in an external world which is independent, and does not create any difficulty for humans. Knowledge presents itself in two forms. One is knowledge by acquaintance, which involves the direct awareness of our surroundings. The second is the knowledge by description, which entails a kind of knowledge which is instinct based, and often concerns the truth about several aspects and other things. There are however interesting and fun facts about human knowledge that you ought to know. This include:


  • It has been noted by psychologists that in the brain of suicidal humans, time according to their brain seem to move at a slower rate than others. This brain also goes through a hard time to think into the future. Researchers have concluded that this helps the person withdraw from past failures thoughts and hopeless future.


  • Scientists have noted that the every day smells, sights and sounds have the ability to activate our subconscious mind. A full french drip coffee pot can trigger wakefulness. This is well demonstrated by the fact that people tend to clean up more if there happens to be a slight smell of a cleaning fluid in the air. Humans also tend to increase their competitiveness if they get a glimpse of a briefcase. All these activities happen without a person knowing what caused the trigger.


  • A conscious mind include aspects such as sensations, fantasies, memories and feelings, which are usually inside of our current awareness. A mind which is preconscious involves those thoughts that are at the moment in our brains, which can easily be drawn into the conscious mind. The psychic activity which operates at a lower level of awareness is known as the subconscious mind.


  • When a memory is often recalled by the mind, it is usually not original. In actual fact, the creative reimagination act is just the act of remembering. The put-together memory usually have a few holes, as well as some new bits pasted in it.


  • Various scientists believe in existence of universal features of the human brain that make it easy for people to believe in higher powers. An example of these has been extracted from the brain scans of different people in Christianity, Buddhism, Nuns of Franciscan and others. During their meditation and prayer, their brains showed similar activity. The most interesting thing is that atheists and believers proof their positions by pointing to the brain scans.


  • There is a belief by scientists which assumes that the many times a brain forgets thing is to avoid information overload, to help one assimilate new ideas more easily, eliminate emotional hangovers and to help one think more quickly.


  • Another interesting fact is that research has proven creating force memories through forceful suggestions is easy. Psychologists have discovered that if questions were repeated, and the mind was invited for imagination of sensory detail, the person could be lured into believing it was a true event.


The above interesting facts about human knowledge and the brain are just a few but to mention. The list could be endless, as the human brain is very dynamic, and no scientist has been fully able to understand how it operates.